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to have a house in a tree!

Isabel LABEAU: UI Design, Illustration, CSS3, HTML5 & Responsive
Raphael PRIVAT: Javascript.

 Shall I tell you a secret?

 When I look through my

 bedroom window, i see

 a big beautiful mountain

 that protects me...

 i daydream and
 one of those dreams is...


Interface designer & illustrator

i was born in a surreal country: México, full of magic, love, human warmth and plenty of sun; destiny drove me to land in a city as beautiful as Paris.

Since 1998, I have chosen colors and forms to shape many graphic projects. -> My resume

The essence of my illustration's work is my childhood, the Little girl that lives inside me. My dreams coalesce in an eternal and internal spark and it is the internal child who speaks, comes forward and is happy to express herself.


recycle experiences, feelings,

And I, just an instrument

i translate into images to make this experience tangible

i let it carry me to my universe and there

... imagination takes its course

so as to grow

staring at the heights

a dream is born,
an idea begins

Here is where