Sweet medicine, so sweet

  • Illustrator
  • Emmanuelle Calaber
  • Graphic identity
  • 2017

And what is reflexology?

Reflexology is a healing technique that is used by pressuring either our feet, hands, face or ears in a generally relaxing manner.This can be an effective way to relieve stress as wel as pain in different parts of our body.  I had the experience of learning more about Reflexology thanks to Emmanuelle Calaber. Emma, with her experience and passion for helping others, transmits in each one of her sections a feeling of peace and relief. Incense, mantra music and a lovely person of great human quality and patience make this experience unique.


In a healthy, positive and pure energy  environment,  the most emblematic colors for me are the sky and water, a range of blue colors that embellish the image Emma wants to reflect on her clients.






I love to think of a spiritual world that is linked to our body. These two essential parts can find the balance we strongly need. With sweet medicine, such as Reflexology, the 5 important areas in our body give us an example of this union and complicity. Everything is linked. Mantras and yoga are an important part of my inspiration.