Garage sale

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  • Espace couleur Brazil
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  • 2015

Vide grenier

In France, they have as a tradition the vide-greniers, which in Spanish would be second-hand markets. Anyone can participate and sell anything you no longer need for less than 5 euros, practical, doesn’t it? I had the opportunity to work for the Couleurs Brazil Association. Its colorful universe and the good humor of the director Maria Gonçalves de Barros make this a space for everyone; filling the streets with joy in their carnivals and street markets that are organized for the people of the Paris 20 neighborhood.


The objects that can be found in the market inspire me with their colors.







I love to imagine that objects have a life of their own, they would have a lot to tell us about their former owners. The times in which they lived, their prices and their devaluation over time. I was also inspired by the Disney animated film “Beauty and the Beast”, which personally my favorite characters are the Teapot mom and her son the teacup.