The way back

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Laverse music
  • Graphic identity
  • Digital collage
  • 2016

Laverse, a downpour of talent and freedom

I would have never imagined meeting people so full of light and life as Florent, Kevin and Maya. My life was filled with poetry, dadaism and inspiration with their stories and songs. We worked, or rather we had fun together, we created what was at that time, the website and the posters where they communicated their tour throughout France.


The experience of three different people,  and at the same time, with so many things in common,  made it difficult for me  to process all the information I was gathering … everything was valuable. It is a world full of lyrics and poetry.

Dadaism, as an artistic movement, made me think on the contradiction between the philosophy of freedom and the submission to continue surviving in a society like ours. The technique used was: cut paper, digital collages, poetry, photos of meetings and important moments for the group.