My primary in color

  • Illustrator
  • Identidad grafica
  • 2015

“Creativity is Intelligence having Fun” – Alberto Einstein

When you have an idea in your mind for a long time, all you have to do is be determined and start acting.  One of the most creative years of my life was 2015. I really wanted  to start a new life as a freelance, so I decided to give myself the chance to use the creativity I have applied in art and culture. Education is a topic that has always been important to me and combining the idea of watching my children be educated in a more creative environment in their school, it gave me the opportunity to shape both priorities in the creation of this beautiful association: Ma primaire couleur.


The color palette is inspired by educational and artistic materials such as modeling clay. As a child, I remember creating with much joy different shapes, which awakened my imaginary world and I could use my creativity when I played with it.







For me, Hands symbolize one of the 5 senses we can use to communicate, act and create. When I think about artistic crafts, I like to think about the heritage   we have since the first years of our lives. We discover the world by touching, smelling, seeing, hearing. The role of parents and teachers  involving children in that discovery is vital.  In the Ma primaire Couleur Association,  we believe that the union between the artist and the student can become wonderful and creative things!