My graphic identity, reflection of a trip to my childhood

  • Illustrator
  • Personal project
  • Graphic identity
  • 2015

The tree house

In this illustration dreams start small like a seed planted in our heart. Dreams grow like a tree, and fruits are those projects accomplished, which is the result of perseverance and determination..


From this surreal world part of a range of contrasts, light and joy reflected in the different shades.







My great inspirations, since my childhood, are reflected in this illustration.

  • London is the iconic city of my life, everything in this place has a graphic sense. I love this city and dream of having a red brick house in Notting Hill 😉
  • The Robinson family was one of my favorite cartoons. How could they possibly live on an island and build their house on a tree?
  • Another story is “Jack and the magic bean”, how is it that a small magic seed could make a tree grow so much?
  • The African baobab is an imposing tree. Symbol of protection. According to wikipedia, villages were often settled around a baobab.
  • Gaudi is and will be one of my favorite architects. The undulating shaped  columns and sculptures are an important source of inspiration for me.